About Aman Khan

Aman Khan is an Indian entrepreneur, investor and a crypto enthusiast. Aman says he started his crypto investment journey in the year 2016 and since then he never stopped. The continuous process of learning is the only thing Aman focuses on, he says. Aman currently runs nearly 10 businesses of his own. From owning multiple luxurious clubs in New Delhi, to owning a video production house, to establishing his own company in the Copper Industry, Aman is someone who truly believes There is No substitute for Hardwork.


Aman Khan currently is the director of Karshni Industries, Yoohoo Hospitality Pvt. Ltd, Delmum Production Pvt. Ltd. and the owner of Big City Night Club & Bar, The King Cafe & Bar, The King Cafe Reloaded, all of them located in Delhi itself.

Delmum Productions

DelMum Productions is a full-service video production company specialising in corporate videos. It was designed to meet all of the promotional needs of B2B sales and service providers. IT businesses and freelance filmmakers have long used business videos as a side venture. Not any longer! The entire world is searching the internet for videos that will answer their questions. Currently, manufacturers and B2B service providers require the help of a dedicated production studio that can assist them with all of their video needs.

Yohoo Hospitality

A food connoisseur and travel enthusiast, Aman wanted every Indian to savor the flavors of the world and further went on to disrupt the food and beverages industry. Today, BHPL has conceptualized and created some of the most well-known brands by making food not just a delicacy but an experience. Along with a team of versatile Chefs and and highly qualified professionals, he works to make each venue an experiential delight!

Karshni Industries

Copper has played a key role in technology for thousands of years and continues to do so in today’s industrial expansion. Its wide range of uses makes it a popular commodity to trade. You can trade copper just as you trade other commodities like oil and natural gas, and copper prices are closely monitored in the financial markets and often feature in economic and business news. Given its uses in a diverse array of industries, copper price gives a good picture of the overall state of the global economy, especially emerging markets where the needs are greatest

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