Aman Khan

An Investor  A Businessman An Entrepreneur

An Investor  A Businessman An Entrepreneur

The visionary, the dreamer, the man who thinks differently, the brand, the one man army.

About Aman Khan

Aman Khan is an Indian entrepreneur, investor and a a philanthropist. Aman says he started his first businessin the year 2016 and since then he never stopped. The continuous process of learning is the only thing Aman focuses on, he says. Aman currently runs nearly 10 businesses of his own. From owning multiple luxurious clubs in New Delhi, to owning a video production house, to establishing his own company in the Copper Industry, Aman is someone who truly believes There is No substitute for Hardwork.

Director At

ThirdEye Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Karshni Industries Limited
The Knot Delhi
Anchor Infotech Limited
Grain Paradise PVT LTD
King Automobiles



Aman Khan is also a pioneer in Social Service. Aman Khan is a well-known philanthropist in India. Every now and then he along with his teammates organize several charity events to help those in need, wherein they distribute clothes, food, blankets to everyone who is in need. Aman says the smile that he receives whenever he holds such events is incredible and makes him remember his purpose and the impact that he wants to create.

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