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Bringing Ibiza to Life In India : Aman Maksad Khan

India is the hottest destination for emerging young entrepreneurs and one such name that is topping the tycoon chart is Aman Maksad Khan – A 22-year-old Indian entrepreneur, and the chairperson of Karshni Industries, a Delhi-based business conglomerate.

What makes Aman the entrepreneur to watch out for in 2022 is his biggest dream projects ‘Big City Night’ a club in the heart of Delhi that is all set to give the Ibiza party experience from the confines of your home country. For this dream project, Aman is said to have hired the stalwart in the interior and architecture industry from across the globe. The club is will see one of the most creme-de-la-creme crowd with a luxurious interior space that will be housed with lasers, undulating spotlights, and a humongous mirror ball contributing to an atmosphere.

Speaking about this venture closest to his heart – Aman quips, “It is all about innovating and creating an experience. The last 2 years has taken a toll on one and all and it is time to lift up spirits and bring to life the ultimate Ibiza experience and put our country under the limelight of some of the most blazing nightlife around the globe. It comes with a vision to give one and all the experience being on the party island.”

The success stories of Indian Entrepreneurs across India will serve as an inspiration for those hoping to make it big in the entrepreneur world. These success stories are nothing short of inspiring and prove one fact over and over again – everything is possible; if you have the will to accomplish it! Aman Maksad Khan is an exemplar of the same.

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